"Coffee & Tea too"

Coffee & Tea II, or coffee and tea too. A set for those who like it all... Developed in our search for shapes that are linked to architecture, that act like tall buildings in a city.
Placed on a platform that invites you to play with the different elements, install them in the direction and place you like, close together, concentrated in one spot, or just wide spread over the tray.
A subtile combination of Sterling Silver and acrylic.
The tray has a layer of leaf silver just in the centre of acrylic. With the reflecting capability of the leaf silver, it looks as if the various elements of this tea and coffee set are lit from the bottom.
A set that we could imagine never to be polished... Let time bring a patina that will be reflected by the tray... And if you are tired of the patina... just brush the silver with a brush, toothpaste and a little water until the bright silver colour comes back, like cleaning the facade of a building.
Many similarities can be found, just a bit different in size.


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